In Memory of Kurt Balkovic

An American Bad-Ass

This website is dedicated to the life and our love of Kurt Michael Balkovic.  He was a son,  a brother,  a husband,  a dad,  a grandpa,  an uncle,  and most importantly,  a friend to all of us.

Not just one of those "let's do lunch" friends,  but the kind of friend who would ride with you on the life roller-coaster, hands raised high.  He was the one you called to solve all life's problems.  He was the one you wanted with you for zombie apocalypse - not just because he would take care of things,  but because it would be fun to hang with him while he saved his part of the world.

We love him dearly and always will. Rest in peace dear son, brother, husband, dad, grandpa, uncle, and most importantly, our bigger than life friend.